Milestone Definitions

A milestone definition is a list of tasks that need to be completed before a block can be marked as 100% completed. Each item in a milestone definition has a number that defines its percentage contribution to a block’s total progress. Managers can assign one of these definitions to a block(s) in place of raw progress updates, to better enumerate what work has been completed.  Milestones can be completed in any order and are not intended to be sequential.

The Milestone Definitions table includes:

  • Definition Title

  • Description

  • Blocks – the number of current blocks using that milestone definition

  • Closed Blocks – the number of closed blocks using that milestone definition

  • Steps – the number of milestone steps that make up the milestone,

Adding a Milestone

Selecting the Add Milestone button will enable the creation of a new definition.  A title and optional description can be added. Using the Add Step button allows the creation of additional rows of separate steps  The contribution amount can be any integer, the value given to each step is proportional to the overall total e.g. if each step is 10 and there are 5 steps, each step contributes 20%.

Select Save to retain the definition.