The capabilities section allows an administrator to configure StrategyBlocks from a series of toggles.  Each toggle will enable or disable an area of functionality. Those capabilities are:

  • Block Chat Inherited – allow Block Chats to be inherited by child blocks

  • Block Chat Delete – allow Block Chats to be deleted

  • Progress Comment Required – a comment is required before saving a block progress update

  • Block Locking – allow Blocks to be locked, until ready to operationalise the model

  • Block Owner can Manage – allow Owners to edit blocks as Managers

  • Security Group Progress Rollup – progress values will be rolled up to the parent block based only on the blocks visible to a user

  • Metric Chat Delete – allow Metric Chats to be deleted

  • Interpolated Metrics – new metrics are Interpolated by default (line of best fit)

  • Cumulative Metrics – new metrics are cumulative by default (same until new value)

  • Metric Locking – allow Metric to be locked

  • Empty Metric Values Symbol – symbol to show for metric values when there’s no data (e.g. — instead of O)

  • Risk Chat Delete – allow Risk Chats to be deleted

  • Company Blocks – enable company blocks feature, enabling the linkage of one model to another

  • Company notifications – enable automatic email notifications to users of this company

  • Google Drive – enable Google Drive Access Feature