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StrategyBlocks delivers intuitive SaaS solutions for strategic planning, management and execution, helping organizations to become more agile across the entire strategic lifecycle. Our software connects a company to its ideas in a highly visual way, increasing overall business agility and allowing much greater and more powerful insight into success metrics and growth opportunities than ever before. StrategyBlocks enables a more dynamic organization through greater visibility, improved strategic communication, and more immediate insight into performance metrics.

StrategyBlocks’ solutions are designed to help an organization stay motivated, engaged and involved in the strategic process of today’s evolving business environment. StrategyBlocks takes a holistic, 360-degree view of an organization’s strategic health by mapping strategy initiatives across divisions and aligning activity to corporate goals. The platform offers an easily-digestible, visual representation of a company’s progress along its own unique KPIs, ensuring visibility and greater insight across all departments.

Meet the StrategyBlocks executive team

Craig Catley
Craig CatleyWellington - Managing Director, Product Strategy
With 16+ years of enterprise software sales and marketing leadership experience, including technologies such as enterprise performance management, business process management, document management and systems integration, Craig is focused on the continued growth of StrategyBlocks’ presence in the Asia Pacific strategy management market. Craig continues to be involved in the software development strategy through customer and market involvement.
Allen Keyte
Allen KeyteAuckland - Director, Research & Development
Leveraging Allen’s 15+ years of experience in the enterprise performance management, business intelligence and application development software markets is key to shaping product development. His focus is to continually refine and evolve product strategy and the company’s technology vision by aligning the software to the needs of the market. Research and Development is tasked with ensuring development cycles are agile and that the output of the development team is of the highest quality.
Jason Blockley
Jason BlockleyAuckland - Director, Services
Jason has over 17 years of experience in delivering Business Analytics as a consultant, team lead and project manager. He has delivered end to end projects for customers ranging from large multi-nationals through to smaller local clients. In his role as the Services Director, he is responsible for the delivery of consulting services to our customers across many technology stacks in support of our StrategyBlocks offering.
Simon Lawrence
Simon LawrenceLondon - Director, EMEA Operations
Simon has more than 20 years’ experience in the information technology development and project management markets, much of which was spent working with large UK-based multinational companies. He has worked exclusively with performance management applications for much of this time. Simon, based in London drives StrategyBlocks’ Europe practice. Simon actively works in the products direction and development strategy.

Our business partners

We have a network of business partners supporting our customers across the globe. If you are interested in becoming a StrategyBlocks business partner please get in touch with our team.


Research suggests that the crucial element to successful strategic implementation lies in the link between the strategy and:

The information that supports the strategy

The people within the organization executing the strategy.

Strategy is not just a top-down process; successful strategic initiatives can emerge at any level within an organization. However, there is often never a mechanism in place to capture this wealth of feedback and ideas. What is required is a system that allows for the consistent communication of strategic ideas and encourages participation and contribution; while guiding the participants towards what is the best use of their time; and the organizations’ strategic goals.


The successful realization of any plan relies not on setting tasks, but on taking appropriate action. Before people can act they need information. Even more importantly, they need motivation.

StrategyBlocks takes a unique view of the planning process by putting people-needs first. Designed to keep everyone, whether in a small office team or a large global organization, constantly in the loop to ensure individual and group goals are achieved.

StrategyBlocks allows you to set goals, monitor progress, and provide the feedback that will enthuse and motivate your people to keep them on track. Knowing that their work is appreciated, that what they are doing is making a difference, is what really motivates people to see things through.

StrategyBlocks strategic management software allows the entire team to march to the beat of the same strategy. Individual tasks and timelines are shared and relevant information is constantly available. Keeping track of progress is simplified and barriers to progress instantly identified from start to finish. StrategyBlocks works for any task related or goal oriented plan. It relies on a highly visual, Web-based interface that is both enjoyable to use and functional. Above all it is a powerful motivating tool that will ensure your plans are fully executed, professionally and successfully, from start to finish.


To be successful, a strategy must be supported by relevant information. Traditionally, quantitative measures such as key performance indicators and metrics have been the only visible means of monitoring. Although these are important, with StrategyBlocks qualitative information is also included. By providing the whole picture, StrategyBlocks makes meeting strategic goals more science than art.


Through our analysis we have identified that customers continue to increase the speed of execution, constantly becoming more agile. The traditional static strategic plan no longer communicates strategy in a meaningful way and remains on the shelf unread. StrategyBlocks remains focussed on increasing strategic agility and dealing with the demand organizations have to become more dynamic.