Build a strategy that’s effective
and easy to communicate!

StrategyBlocks Builder is a visual strategy formulation aid. It is based on the revolutionary new book Strategy Builder which argues that strategy is far more effective when expressed graphically. StrategyBlocks Builder uses an interactive visual approach to allow you to test your strategic vision and formulate a concise set of strategic goals. These can be uploaded into StrategyBlocks for real-time strategic communication and execution management.

There are many methodologies and tools businesses can use when they try to develop their core strategies, all with their own niche perspectives and outcomes.


StrategyBlocks Builder distils the most useful of these concepts into a simple step-by-step process and delivers a list of well-balanced strategies which are tailored to the core vision. Its primary purpose is to help people create and conceptualize original business ideas.

StrategyBlocks Builder was created to simplify the complexities often associated within the lifecycle of traditional strategy formulation. The traditional process often begins with enterprises attempting to explore where they can best direct their resources to determine whether any tangible advantage can be achieved. They do this by considering the points of differentiation they have in their business and what factors they see emerging in the market around them. The output of this process, to formulate strategic direction for the organization in the future.

This is a critical phase in the success of any business and as a result there are many opinions, techniques and approaches that can be employed by businesses to assist in this process. It is important however that the process has structure and all variables are considered. The problem is that most business people do not have this detailed knowledge of a wide range of strategic methodologies and a structured approach to implement them.

StrategyBlocks Builder aims to address this issue. By making the strategic formulation process more intuitive, understandable, and useable for operational business people. The application uses a very aesthetic environment to create five distinct stages of strategy development. Those being to:

Consider the external environmental forces in play to identify major opportunities and threats facing future strategic development.

Assess your competition and determine overlap and any potential market gaps.

Evaluate your organization’s key capabilities as strengths or weaknesses.

From the previous steps and with a clear understanding identify the relationship between key strengths and weaknesses, and threats and opportunities.

Fine tune your strategies and ensure they are balanced against time to deliver, resourcing and potential return.

StrategyBlocks Builder is free to use in the cloud and soon on iOS and Android devices. Information is presented graphically, making it easy for businesses to see exactly what the concept of their strategy looks like – literally.

With it organizations can experiment with new ideas and thinking at absolutely no cost and without an in depth knowledge of strategic methodologies. Once the new strategies have taken shape, building them into a strategy map in StrategyBlocks to execute is the next step towards success.

StrategyBlocks Builder is not about reams of data and key performance indicators, it’s actually about words. The practical output of using the application are tangible, executable sentences that describe what an organization needs to do to achieve strategic success.

Organizations who do not yet have a thorough plan in place or those that are willing to test out an existing strategy and think more progressively are the perfect candidates to use StrategyBlocks Builder. It can be utilized for the purpose of creation, testing and strategy validation. The solution allows enterprises more freedom when it comes to strategic planning, and ideally, it will highlight something completely new that hadn’t considered before.

Once all of that’s been done, physically laying out the strategy in a more logical form which can be communicated across the business is the next step. When that’s in place, staff can be monitored and deadlines set. All of this process is handled via StrategyBlocks Builder’s sister solution StrategyBlocks.

StrategyBlocks Builder App