Business strategy software for strategic
management & strategy planning

For innovation to occur, something more than the generation of a creative idea or insight is required: the idea must be put into action to make a genuine difference. Quality strategic management requires communication, strategic planning, action and execution. Start a 30-day trial of our strategic management & planning software.

The vast majority of strategic initiatives fail. Why is this? Because the strategic plan is generally too wordy, un-pictorial, static and it becomes rapidly out of date. As a result it is not engaging but more importantly, it is not in the hands of those who need it the most – your people! Take a moment to view this short video to get a better understanding of what our strategy software can accomplish for your strategic plan.

Fundamentally change the way you engage with strategy

Make it come alive for every member of your team. We believe to execute effectively and efficiently the strategic plan needs to be:

  • Clearly communicated

  • Dynamic, evolving with the constantly changing market conditions

  • Connected to people, by putting it in the hands of everyone in your organization

  • Its progress and value needs to be monitored and measured

Strategic management by nature needs to be dynamic

As responsibility for specific aspects of strategic execution are delegated down through the layers of the organization, it becomes more detailed. In this way the high-level vision and goals become richer and develop over time, with the content and ideas being driven by those in the organization with expertise in specific operational functions and roles.

Now strategy is defined as a graphical framework of strategic thinking from the macro down through to the micro. In addition, key indicators are identified to monitor strategic outcomes. To gain a complete understanding of strategy we need to draw together the unstructured content of our strategy map- the actions, with those structured measures – the outcomes.

StrategyBlocks is a patented web-based software service, therefore there is no concern about software upgrades, maintenance, technical administration, installations, backup and recovery. StrategyBlocks was created to address the problems that many companies face when attempting to communicate great ideas across an organization. Its aim is to help companies innovate and be more successful by eliminating confusion and create organization clarity. We combine ideas, people, and information in an engaging way to build strong communication channels between employees and partners.