StrategyBlocks 4.0 is the leading SaaS-based, highly customizable, visually compelling platform for enterprise strategic management. StrategyBlocks 4.0 enables CEOs and other executives to turn strategic vision into tactical execution, easily sharing data across departments and business units, and cultivating company-wide involvement in strategic execution.

Using a compelling visual system of cascading ‘blocks’, StrategyBlocks 4.0 merges quantitative and qualitative data, linking subjective data such as workplace performance with more structured data such as KPIs. The Strategic Health feature allows organizations to personalize and stay apprised of all factors influencing execution performance, including the ability to monitor and mitigate risk across all business units. This holistic, visual profile offers a real-time, dynamic view of execution across the entire organization, quickly identifying where, when, and to what extent challenges exist in the strategic planning chain, and where improvements can be made.

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Our goal is to aide your organization, with the successful execution of your strategic vision. Ensuring a greater number of successful strategies are implemented, tracking the anticipated and actual financial value being derived and most importantly, providing a complete performance management system to monitor the overall “health” of strategy.


Strategic Management

The successful execution of any strategic management plan requires that your plan is flexible enough to adapt to changing environments and that your people are aligned and motivated towards a common goal.



Strategy Dashboard

The strategic plan has been created and modelled: we know what we need to do, by when, and who is accountable for its delivery. To monitor the organisation’s achievement toward our stated goals we need to monitor the quality of our execution quickly and easily. Multiple “bookmarked” dashboard views, constantly refreshed through company-wide contribution, provide this capability.



Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Whether they are called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Measures, Metrics, or Outputs, the intended purpose is to use a number, or familiar traffic light icon, to articulate the success of (typically) a business process. StrategyBlocks brings a unique approach to deal with the challenges of monitoring KPI’s, and offers advanced functionality in this potentially complex area.


Photo Gallery

Software needs to be visual, intuitive and user-friendly. The easier something is to use (be it digital or physical) the more someone will use it.


Strategic Mapping and Monitoring

Our purpose is to provide you with an early warning system for any potential failure in strategic execution by enabling you to monitor strategic performance. To achieve this, communication of vision is critical. StrategyBlocks can provide everyone in the organisation with a clear line of sight for strategic vision.


Strategic Health

Until now, progress and KPIs have been the only methods used to determine the current state of a block. While we still consider progress a critical part of a block’s success, the calculation introduces the ability to use a combination of measures to create a new state: strategic health.


Strategic Risk Management

Risk is a key component of strategic execution management. Most products consider just structured data, those key indicators (KPI’s), to determine execution performance. Some include a mechanism to collect and review subjective delivery data. StrategyBlocks manages both structured and subjective data; and in addition, includes strategic risk management, which is critical for any business.


Macro Visibility and Micro Visibility

There’s a real need for clear communication that focuses on strategy across your entire organisation. A well thought out strategy that is not completely understood by your team isn’t going to produce the desired outcome.



Strategic alignment through visual communication