Benefits of strategic
management and planning

Goal Oriented or Task Oriented? Only together does macro visibility (top to bottom) and micro visibility (bottom to top) offer the complete picture of strategic alignment wherever you are in the organization. Only then can strategic questions be answered as an organisation and as individuals:

“Where are we successfully executing on strategic initiatives?”

“Where are the bottlenecks in the strategic process?”

“Who is impacting my areas of responsibility?”

Not linking the tasks to the goal will result in isolated islands of activity and not encourage open communication. Over time the output of these activities may develop along different paths as they are fundamentally not aligned to the overall strategic goals of the organization. The organization has as a result become “task oriented”.

When alignment exists there is visibility from the macro to the micro and clarity across the organization. Encouraging communication and feedback is of primary importance, there is a clear need for a method of communication that focuses on strategy and yet is engaging and animates people into action. When this occurs the organization has become goal oriented.

Business challenges

Business ProblemCurrent SolutionStrategyBlocks Solution
How do you store strategic ideas?strategic ideas? Brain, documents, spread sheets, GANT charts, email, coasters, etc.StrategyBlocks offers a consistent single version of all goals, strategies, initiatives and projects stored in one place securely off site.
We can’t do everything!Hopefully senior managers will remember our good ideas for future use.A company only has the capacity to execute on its top strategies. The rest can be created, archived, and stored for future execution.
We never leverage our past successes!Keep reusing those successful teams & managers; assuming they haven’t left.Capture and archive the structure of those past successful strategic initiatives for reuse in other parts of the business or in the future.
95+% of employees have no idea of their company’s goals.Mission statement hung in reception. Annual staff get together.StrategyBlocks is a web tool for communicating strategy using an intuitive highly visual interface to many 000’s of people and across geographies.
How do companies encourage employees to focus their time towards the company’s strategic goals?Management levels, micromanagement & lots of meetings.Monitoring is used to observe: progress, time elapsed, accountability and ownership of activities relating to strategy. Top level goal, down to individual specific tasks are fundamentally linked providing visibility top to bottom.
How does an employee know how best to spend their time?People do what’s urgent not what’s important.By prioritising strategic initiatives, monitoring progress, and inferring importance; the system can calculate and guide someone to what is ‘strategically’ the next most important use of their time.
87.5% of strategic initiatives do not result in a profitable return.Perhaps the next one will.It is widely considered that a lack of employee alignment with strategy is responsible. StrategyBlocks aligns not only people to strategy but existing information to strategy also.