StrategyBlocks establishes an important link, it allows you to map strategic initiatives with your corporate strategy and vision. These initiatives are typically spun up as individual projects or programs, which can then be managed at a granular level.

By integrating Microsoft Project into StrategyBlocks, the executive team has access to a linked, day-by-day view of the overall project or program progress and the resource commitment at the organization level, as well as cost commitment and early warning on project overruns. This collaboration also can highlight dependencies and potential impacts of project delays on organizational strategic objectives.

StrategyBlocks integrates with both Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Online.

What is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project, part of Microsoft’s Office enterprise management solution, assists project managers in developing a schedule, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget and analyzing workloads.

What is Microsoft Project Online? 

Project Online is Microsoft’s flexible solution that offers dynamic project management capabilities for planning, prioritizing, and managing projects and project portfolio investments. It’s cloud-based, online accessibility means it can be used almost anywhere and on nearly any device. Part of the Microsoft SharePoint platform, Project Online is used daily by administrators, portfolio managers and viewers, project and resource managers, team leads and more.

How StrategyBlocks enhances Microsoft Project Online

How does StrategyBlocks enhance Microsoft Project and Project Online?

StrategyBlocks is an ideal complement to Microsoft Project, providing additional insights and greater cohesiveness across projects, investments and teams. StrategyBlocks is a Strategic Portfolio Management tool which helps transition your company’s strategic plan into a portfolio view that can be readily actioned and managed. Strategic Portfolio Management, as managing director Craig Catley explains, is the difference between doing a project right, and doing the right project

The integration provided by StrategyBlocks Metrics Zone Cloud Connect for Microsoft Project (on-premise or in the cloud), delivers an automated stream of project delivery data to StrategyBlocks helping you to gain greater control, agility and transparency of portfolio delivery across the enterprise.

How StrategyBlocks enhances Microsoft Project Online
Additional benefits of StrategyBlocks and Microsoft Project Online

Additional benefits

StrategyBlocks (through Metrics Zone Cloud Connect) seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Project, making it easy to create added value on the status of a project. By sharing project progress and status with StrategyBlocks, users can see additional insights into the progress and effectiveness of an overall project or strategic implementation. The integration also enables a quick capture of Metrics (KPIs), those key numbers that represent outcome success, into the StrategyBlocks metrics dashboard, from a combination of Microsoft Project and other core operational systems. The solution allows for the creation of project-based attributes and measurements to be included in the StrategyBlocks metrics. This gives an enhanced view of the success of organizational strategies through the project management framework.

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How does StrategyBlocks integrate Microsoft Project Desktop?

StrategyBlocks can integrate with Microsoft Project Desktop, this requires a simple task to generate a report from Microsoft Project on a regular basis and save it into a cloud folder that StrategyBlocks can access, we take it from there. We can help you automate the process.

How does integration work?

StrategyBlocks Metrics Zone takes advantage of a number of integration paths, through a combination of Microsoft flow and Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows real-time or batch integration from Microsoft Project directly into StrategyBlocks’ core fields and metrics, any time a user publishes project changes in Microsoft Project. This integration also makes it possible to access all the data from StrategyBlocks, creating easy to read, on-demand dashboarding capabilities. What’s more, a set of public-facing API interfaces are also available for additional real-time integration into StrategyBlocks.

How StrategyBlocks integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS implementation

Amazon Web Services provides the platform for Metrics Zone ensuring that data security and compliance are met at all times. The integration process provides full logging and monitoring, built in a combination of email exception notification and reporting, over the AWS Athena query layer. This process is coded in a combination of Amazon Web Services Serverless Functions with Python, NodeJS and JSON Data Interchange Structures. Due to the nature of the open platform, integration, notification and reporting are extensible and flexible.

How can I get started?

How can I get started?

and find more ways we can glean greater value from your Project Online project management activities.
and find more ways we can glean greater value from your Project Online project management activities.