Block structure

Blocks are arranged in levels, moving from very high level strategic (Vision – at the top) to detailed operational tasks (Objectives – at the bottom).


Each level can be named to match the terminology used by your organisation. E.g. vision statement, strategies, etc.

Blocks, Metrics and Risks are also arranged into focus areas, to draw specific attention to one broad area. (E.g HR, customers, product, etc.)


These labels can be customised to the terminology used by your organisation and can also be nested by the Administrator. e.g. broken down by region, or branch, etc

You can update the progress of blocks that:

  • you own, and

  • are leaves in the block tree. (a leaf is the very bottom block, with no blocks underneath)

When you update the progress of the leaf, it rolls up its progress to the block(s) above. (parent, grandparent, and so on.) This is shown in the diagrams below.