Risk Management

Risk Management

Defining the parameters of the organizations risk management profile is primarily managed within the risk matrix.  The matrix itself can be comprised of either 9 (3×3) cells or 25 (5×5) cells. The risk profile matrix can be customized: each cell can be selected and edited individually (as either normal, moderate or severe).

NB: The color of the cell does not have any effect on the risk, but should reflect the severity of the risk to the organization. For each cell, an Administrator can set the definition and consequences for that combination of Likelihood and Impact. These descriptions can be quickly copied across the rows or columns using the controls.

Risk Settings

Both the short and long form labels for the impact/ likelihood levels can be customized from the risk settings table. This also enables and Administrator to add/change the percent contribution of each impact level to affected blocks’ health (when the risk is in “triggered” state). NB: These settings might be reset if you change the size of the risk profile matrix.

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