Strategic Health

Health is a customisable calculation involving a number of key values, that separately have an important role, but together can provide a great deal of strategic intelligence to the organization (output – progress, outcome – metrics and risk). The Health calculation is used to aggregate both the subjective and structured data associated with a blocks delivery and produce an overall performance status.

The Health Calculation Definitions table lists all the health calculations defined for your company. Each calculation takes the status of the block, its attached metrics and risks, and produces a status ‘health’ value. An administrator can change the weight of each factor by changing the tolerance ranges. The default calculation is used by all blocks automatically, unless the block’s manager overrides it at the block level.

The default definition for the organisation can selected by selecting a definition and clicking Make Default.

An administrator can base health on four variables:

  • progress: progress variance of the block

  • metrics: variance of all attached KPIs

  • risks: impact of all attached & triggered risks

  • priority: a variance skewing based on the block’s priority

Select Add New Definition to create a new health calculation definition that can used by block managers.

  • Title – a name for the definition

  • Description – a longer textual description of the calculation

  • Progress, Metrics and Risk variance weight –  weight the three factors in terms of how important they are to a block’s health

  • Priority skew – allows the blocks priority to skew the result

      High priority blocks will be skewed to be more positive or more negative. Low priority blocks will be less positive and less negative.
  • Tolerance ranges

      Positive – (blue) over a defined integer
      Negative – (red) below a defined integer
      Warning – (yellow) between these 2 values

Select Save to retain the definition.