Basic Terminology

A block describes a specific strategy. Blocks describe:

  • what has to be achieved

  • by whom, and

  • by when.

They are arranged in a top-down hierarchy, and describe your organization’s strategic activities at all levels.

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Often strategies need to be broken down into smaller tasks. The top block is the parent and blocks under it are child blocks.

Users can interact with blocks in three ways.

UserWhat they can do
Owneris responsible for completing the task. Can update progress and create child blocks.
Manageris the owner of the parent block. Ensures that the owner is making adequate progress. Can change the block details (including the owner) Once the owner has marked it as complete will close the block, and rate it.
Watcherreceives email reports about the block’s status, and see newsfeed items about its activity (comments, progress updates, etc…)