Focus Areas

Focus Areas group objects (blocks, metrics or risks) together, they form broad strategic categories. These areas of focus don’t specifically describe what the organization intends to do; they are not “how” statements. Instead they are more useful when thought of as classifications (department, theme, geography, value, perspective etc).  They enable the strategy map to be filtered to a specific area of focus.

By default, focus areas are collapsed but they can be expanded by clicking the arrow icon.  Therefore they can have other focus areas nested inside a parent (by drag and drop). However this is an informal hierarchy, all objects must belong to a focus area classification, but the focus area hierarchy is not ridgid.

Administrators can re-order focus areas by using the lined icon to drag the rows into different positions and expand their hierarchy by using the arrow.  The tables also displays the number of objects categorized within a focus area.

Edit focus areas

Administrators can edit the focus area (title, description and parent focus area) of each by selecting a row. Individual focus areas can also be deleted from this screen.

Add focus areas

An administrator can add a new focus area by selecting the ADD FOCUS AREA button.  Enter the title, description, and chose a Parent Focus Area for the new category. Select Save to retain your changes.