Basic navigation – screens

The left hand menu provides links to navigate to the other screens of StrategyBlocks.

(Note: You can hide or display this menu at any time by clicking  menu hide button , located at the top left corner of your screen.)

The top section of buttons is described below.

left menu 1

The Dashboard screen provides views of recent activity on your blocks, as well as a customisable area to show the things you want to see most often.

The Blocks screen is where you can view and edit your blocks, update their progress, and choose how you want to display them.

The Monitor screen allows you to see your risks, metrics and documents, in easy to read format. You can add new items, or customise the columns you see.

The next section of buttons is described below.

left menu 2

Account allows you to view and edit your account details (change your profile picture email address, etc)

Settings view (users) or edit (administrators) user and company settings.

Help gives you access to help materials.

Search gives a keyword search, across all items in StrategyBlocks.

Screen Shot app

Finally, you can click on the arrow next to your display name to sign out.

Context menus – control bar and options menu

You can also access page specific menus for navigation and display settings via:

lower bar

  • the control bar – quick controls at the bottom of the screen

side bar menu

  • The options menu – toolbox options off to the right hand side.