Strategy of Influence


Influence marketing is like getting an invitation to the biggest party of the year. The guest list reads names from media moguls, to this week’s MVPs, to the rich and famous straight off the Hollywood silver screen. Imagine what getting an invite to that party with the ability to get all those influencers could mean for your product and business.

As discussed in our recent Digital Marketing Magazine article, According to Launch Metrics, 93% of marketing professionals are getting results and improving visibility through influencer engagement strategies.

However, before ever executing an influence marketing strategy, businesses need a plan to be prepared for success. That success starts with the right strategy – it’s the prep before the big party. So what should your business do to get influencers on board?


Set A Strategic Vision

Setting a strategic vision for your company sets the stage and messaging for your brand for potential Influencers.  Businesses need clear vision statements, especially when 95% of the typical workforce doesn’t understand their organization’s strategy. Why do businesses need a vision?

  • A strategic vision is a pathway for businesses and brands to determine a company’s direction, focus its future, act as a template for future decisions, and can be a basis for organizational alignment to market potential influencers.
  • With the proper enthusiasm and understanding of a company’s purpose, employee’s enthusiasm around a company’s vision can generate overall excitement and even attract potential influencers.


Influence through Leadership

Businesses pay big money to have influencers promote their brands because they can impact, influence, and inspire potential customers. Why should you employ leadership qualities to attract potential influencers?

  • Influencers want to work with other strong proven leaders. Strong strategic leadership starts with a centralized figure within the C-suite leading, directing and driving every aspect of internal strategy.
  • Businesses leaders who connect strategy and leadership gain greater success, and that success can then be used to attract other valuable external influencers.


Influence of Success Metrics

Businesses can measure how their brands and business plans are performing to attract influencers for marketing campaigns. What metrics can you use to measure and attract influencers?

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) quantify how a business is doing and can show a company where improvement is needed. Tracking KPIs can help define where a company needs to go to achieve greater market success and show potential Influencers how well a company is doing.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) can show how a company is doing as it’s an index to measure customer’s willingness to recommend your product or service. NPS can signal to potential influencers your product has measurable value. In turn, they can use this value to lend their name to your campaigns and gain greater influence for your brand.


The right strategy is what gets businesses through the door to any party, as the road to success and influence starts with strategy. Set a strategic vision, employ leadership, and use success metrics, and your business can attract top notch influencers too.

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