How to speed up your strategy execution


The execution phase is where your strategy really comes to life, where weeks of planning finally culminate in it being implemented in your organisation.

However, it can also be one of the stages in your strategic planning with the most room for error, as poor preparation or unexpected bottlenecks can slow down and delay its realisation.

What are some measures you can take to ensure your strategy execution goes smoothly and according to plan?

Clarify decision-making

Although much of the critical decisions may be made at the top of the organisation, it is still important to outline from the get-go who will be responsible for what.

By making sure everyone understands who will be making which decisions, your strategy can move along at speed without any delays and needs for clarification.

Using business strategy software to map out your plans can help in this regard, by dividing the wider strategy into ‘blocks’ and delegating responsibilities across the board.

Maintain transparency

In the same vein as making sure everyone is clear about decision-making responsibilities, you should ensure your organisation maintains transparency with its strategy throughout the entire process.

If everyone in the organisation is on the same page and can get an overview of the strategy at any time, it will be easier to pick up any areas of deficiency and address these as required.

The best strategy software provides dashboard functionalities to allow your organisation to assess the strategy’s health at any point in time, helping to speed it along to its execution.

Allocate resourcing

Even if you clearly delegate the tasks to the appropriate people in your organisation, it won’t be much use if you neglect to provide the necessary budgeting and resources to allow them to complete the job.

Make sure your strategic planning involves assigning the right resources to the right people to help them progress the strategy in a timely manner.