How strategy software improves strategic cohesion


Anyone who has ever been involved in strategic planning will know what a massive undertaking it can be.

With a substantial number of individuals all having an input and sharing large volumes of information and ideas, it can be easy to get a little lost in the whole process.This means ideas and concepts can be missed, communications can be misdirected and opportunities not taken advantage of.

Traditionally, most businesses have neglected to implement a cohesive method of tracking strategic information and progress. This means key data and ideas are stored haphazardly in a diverse range of destinations, from hard copy documents, spreadsheets, emails and myriad other formats.

The end result is a jumble of disparate that while being valuable, will be of little use if not harnessed and consolidated.

Businesses can address this problem by taking advantage of the latest business management software to tighten their strategic planning and make it more cohesive. For example, StrategyBlocks is one solution that is conveniently hosted on the cloud, acting as the central hub for all of your organisation’s strategic initiatives.

All aspects of your business’s strategy, from its wider mission and goals right down to the key objectives and specific tasks, are documented in the software and kept securely in one place. Everyone involved in strategic planning can access the information anytime, anywhere and utilise and change it as necessary.

The software operates on a highly visual platform, linking the different functions of the strategy together so your employees can quickly draw the dots and make the crucial connections.

And of course, like any good business software solution, StrategyBlocks offers a dashboard so you can quickly assess the overall health of your strategy at a glance.

Don’t let your strategy fall all over the place – take advantage of the right software to keep it tight and focused.