How software solutions can boost productivity in strategic planning


Maintaining the productivity and efficiency of your staff is a crucial consideration in every area of your business – even in its strategic planning!

If your organisation doesn’t have a solid framework for the development of its strategy, it can be difficult to keep it on track and ensure everyone is doing what is required of them, when it is required.

Employees might not be aware of what they have to do at a given point in time, meaning they are required to check in with a supervisor to avoid doubling up or missing out on a task – critical errors that can delay your strategy execution.

So how can strategy mapping software such as StrategyBlocks help your organisation improve its planning efficiency and the productivity of its staff?

One of the key benefits of using such software is that it helps organisations prioritize their strategic planning tasks to draw attention to the areas that need it most. People are prone to simply doing what appears to be most urgent, rather than what is actually most important to the long-term viability of the strategy.

StrategyBlocks uses a combination of visual strategy maps as well as intuitive dashboards so everyone across the organisation knows where the strategy is standing. By having a holistic view at all times, employees can prioritize certain components of the strategy, check progress and instantly determine where they should next direct their attention and efforts.

By mapping out blocks, levels and focus areas, each individual has a clear idea of where they should be allocating their time, thus minimizing time spent on non-priority tasks. The cloud nature of the software means that everyone across the organisation can be involved and stay up to speed with the strategy at all times.