What external uploading does StrategyBlocks support?

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StrategyBlocks supports the upload of information to support the execution of any block (key result area), metric (key performance indicator) and risk contained in the strategic plan.  This includes: External Links (URL’s) Upload of files - images, documents, files etc Attachment of Google Drive files - including search etc

How do the different block rollup types work?

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Let’s see this example. The orange line is the target which rolls up the same as the progress %, so we can use that for these examples. The blocks below all start Oct 1. ROLLUP PARENT ends Dec 31. CHILD A ends Oct 31. CHILD B end Nov 30. This is the progress chart view [...]

On the flat CSV report, how do you calculate the quarter periods and what is the fiscal year format?

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You can check the Fiscal Year details under the Company Settings Pages. The Quarter Periods are calculated in regards to how the Company Fiscal Year has been set-up. So if the Fiscal Year is 1 JAN the quarters are calculated in the following way; Q1: 01/01/YYYY...03/31/YYYY Q2: 04/01/YYYY...06/30/YYYY Q3: 07/01/YYYY...09/30/YYYY Q4: 10/01/YYYY...12/31/YYYY  

How do you change a user’s email address in StrategyBlocks?

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To change your email address you will need to log into StrategyBlocks as yourself and then go to Accounts, here you change your Account details including the email address. Click Save. At the moment, an administrator cannot change the email address of a user. If the user is unable to change their email, you can [...]

Which browsers can I use?

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StrategyBlocks supports the following browsers: Chrome X Firefox X Safari X Microsoft Edge X and Internet Explorer X We support the current major releases of Google Chrome®, Firefox®, Safari®, Microsoft® Edge™, and Internet Explorer®. Each time a new major version is released, we will undertake to support that version, with previous versions progressively becoming unsupported. [...]

After resetting my password I try to log in and get a messaging saying: “This email cannot be found”

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It may be that the URL you have is for a different server that you don't have access to. We have many servers intended for demos or different regions. For instance, Australian clients may be hosted on https://aus.strategyblocks.com. Please check your emails to find out which server you are on, or contact us and we’ll [...]