3 signs a business is not communicating effectively


Creating a business strategy may feel like a Herculean task – and it often is. Coming up with a plan for the future will take hours of research to ensure you are investing money and time developing the right areas.

However, crafting a business strategy is only half of the battle; following through on your plan, keeping it moving in the right direction and assessing whether it is meeting its targets is even more important.

This is why business strategy software is preferred by many industry leaders, with the ability to check up on the health and direction of a plan considered essential by many.

Business is a collaborative effort, and achieving your goals will not be done on your own. You may be steering the ship, but you’ll need a whole team of people pulling the ropes and bracing the sails. For this reason, good communication should be top of the agenda.

Here are three signs your business strategy is not being communicated further down the company, and how you can quickly change course.

Your employees are unproductive

Members of staff who don’t know exactly what to do, or if they do not have a clear idea of why they are doing something, are likely to procrastinate.

If employees can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, they may be demotivated to carry on. A business strategy that is visual and easy to communicate will bring them out of the dark and give them a goal to aim for.

Your meetings go on too long

Meetings are a great way to bring others up to speed and share a strategy. However, if your meetings are regularly running over time, there is a good chance not everyone is clear on what you are trying to achieve.

Make your plan clearer and your information more retainable with a visual strategy.

You are not hitting targets

Assigning individual and company-wide targets is a great way to measure your strategy’s progress. If you find that many of your employees are not reaching expectations, it could be time to go over the strategy again with them, ensuring they completely understand their goals.