Why strategic planning needs to be transparent


When you’re formulating a strategy for your business, it is vital that you implement an open, transparent system throughout the entire process.

Strategic management shouldn’t be left solely in the domain of those highest up in the hierarchy. To ensure that strategy execution goes according to plan, everyone in the organisation must have a clear picture of how it is progressing at all times.

What benefits can transparency bring to your strategy?

Keep everyone on the same page

Upper-level management may have the biggest say in developing the core of a business strategy, but the actual job of implementing it relies on the entire workforce.

Keeping the strategic planning process transparent ensures every individual is connected the whole time, and knows exactly what is required of them at each stage.

Makes sure your strategy is in sync

By giving everyone in the organisation an insight into the strategy and their role in relation to it, you can iron out discrepancies and inconsistencies to ensure it is carried out without a hitch.

When the time comes to execute your strategy, a transparent approach will ensure that all the components are aligned and it can come to life quickly and efficiently.

Investing in business strategy software can help foster communication throughout your organisation so the strategy can be implemented seamlessly.

Improves staff morale

Nothing makes an employee feel more appreciated than providing them direct access to the business’s strategy and outlining their place in its overall scheme.

You can place accountability on your staff and prove you trust them by letting them know how the strategy is progressing, and what steps they can take to ensure its success.