Using StrategyBlocks on your iPhone


Australian businesses are becoming increasingly mobile, with employees able to access vital files, documents and apps while on the move.

Strategic planning should be no different, which is why StrategyBlocks is available as an iPhone app at the Apple store.

This simple software makes the task of strategic management and execution much simpler, while still retaining the majority of features found on the full platform.

So how does it work? Well, once you’ve downloaded the app and entered your log-in details, you’ll have several options to choose from.

The ‘Blocks’ tab is where you can view all of the blocks currently assigned to you, although there is also a search function in case you have a specific one in mind.

After sifting through the blocks, you can add comments to keep track of the work you have completed, while also showing colleagues what changes have been made.

A simple chat features allows you to communicate with employees regarding the progress of your strategic planning.

If you are having any difficulties operating the StrategyBlocks app, there is a support function that will direct you through to our help page. Here you can email us to let us know what the problem is.

Alternatively, you can access our ‘users guides’ section to learn how to perform functions and complete tasks.

New customers can set up an account through the iPhone app, although it is advised to do so through a desktop computer, as this will speed up the registration process considerably.

The app also includes our email, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube information, so feel free to connect to us and offer any feedback or comments on the app.

We are always keen to hear great ideas on how to make our products better, which in turns gives us the opportunity to improve our business strategy software.