Team-building can play a valuable role in strategic planning


Implementing a new business strategy can cause a bit of chaoswithin your organisation, but if your key members of staff are on-side, it can make the transition considerably easier.

One American expert asserts that the best thing to do is foster strong, professional relationships between these staff members, as this will encourage them to work more cohesively during times of transition.

Speaking to the Dallas Morning News, TopGolf director of sales Ryan Nowicki asserted that team-building work should always be underpinned by strategic goals.

This is particularly important if your organisation has several different departments – you may wish to plan your team-building activities so people work alongside other staff members they may not encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Team-building activities can be further emphasised with follow-up training or a debrief that explains how the skills learned during the session could be applied to each staff member’s specific role, he said.

Of course, strategic planning is most effective when it can be shared clearly with the entire organisation, so it is also important for management to ensure the lines of communication remain open.

It is also essential for managers to emphasise that strategic planning should be dynamic – all changes that take place will need to be evaluated, monitored and adjusted as the process continues.

Business strategy software can help you keep tabs on how your plans are progressing and offer valuable insight into changes that may need to be made as you move forward. It can also help to communicate your overarching goals to your staff members in a visual way, which can ensure everyone understand the objectives they are working toward.