Mobility Brings Significant ROI For Businesses


A new survey suggests that companies that implement effective “mobility strategies” – for example involving the use of cloud computing – can expect to see a sizable ROI and enjoy better business results.

The study was commissioned by IT firm Unisys and surveyed almost 450 businesses around the world on how they used mobile technologies to both support their employees and build better relationships with customers. One of the main findings was that such technologies can assist with key business processes such as strategic planning and execution.

In fact, 51 per cent of respondents agreed that implementing mobility programs in their organization has helped enhance internal procedures by allowing easier access to information across the board.

A similar proportion (53 per cent) said that increasing mobility in the client-facing side helped them to explore new customer channels and improve their interactions with customers.

However, one area in which businesses looking to improve their mobility may want to focus on is measuring the actual ROI. The study found that two thirds of mobile enterprises – the trendsetting businesses that have a clear mobility plan in place – have formal processes in place to measure ROI. Meanwhile, only a third of total respondents to the study reported they do the same.

“These results demonstrate that success in mobility is a function of careful planning, smart strategies and consistent execution,” explains Darren McGrath, global director of mobility solutions at Unisys.

“By taking a holistic, disciplined approach to mobility, organizations can increase the productivity of their people, grow revenue, unleash innovation and find new ways to serve their customers.”

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