Visual strategy mapping
& monitoring software

StrategyBlocks takes the seemingly daunting task of strategy mapping and monitoring less daunting and a lot easier. The strategy software is highly visual as a result the entire strategic process is broken down into smaller, more manageable “blocks”. Below are some diagrams which outline terminology/phrasing found within our strategy software. When you combine these components together it can really help your business with the task of executing your corporate strategic map and visually monitor and track your progress.

What is a Block?

Blocks are pieces of strategic information that describe what has to be achieved, by whom, and by when. They are arranged in a top-down hierarchy, creating lines of communication and accountability, describing your organization’s strategic activities. A Block describes exactly what needs to be achieved and who is responsible for it.

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs
Henry Ford


What is a level?

Levels are customisable labels describing each layer of your strategic plan. In this example Vision, Strategy, Initiatives & Objectives are all levels. StrategyBlocks works by breaking your vision into finer levels of detail so that each lower level fully describes the high-level activities above it. Each of these levels can have a title. We have already created a default set of levels, but you can customise them further.


What is a focus area?

As the plan grows, the need to categorize strategic activity becomes important. Focus areas provide the ability to filter out unwanted information and to direct attention. (e.g. Customer, Financial, etc.). Focus areas are customisable categories for grouping areas of strategic activity. In this example Financial, Product and Customer are all focus areas.


What is a core strategy?

How are you going to deliver the Vision? What are the key branches of strategy needed? Who is responsible for executing these, and to which focus areas do they belong? Core strategies should fully describe how the organization will achieve its overall vision. Each core strategy will be the pinnacle of each branch of strategic activity.

Delegate ownership & responsibility

StrategyBlocks creates a clear linear path of responsibility. Creating linear paths of responsibility is fundamental in StrategyBlocks. This will encourage the recognition of expertise within your team, and encourage accountability. They may then choose to delegate to their own teams.