How to prevent communication fatigue


Employees these days face a range of different communications challenges from within the company. Many workers will now spend large chunks of their day responding to emails and instant messages.

Faced with these pressures, many employees are now facing communications fatigue, as they are overwhelmed by a constant stream of digital communications.

This has already had a negative impact on internal company behaviour, with a recent study finding that staff are suffering from communications fatigue even in important areas like health and safety.

So if valuable information like safety announcements are struggling to cut through the noise of internal communications, how can you be sure that your strategy management is also getting through to your employees?

One solution to consider is to consider the medium. While email updates or an internal message board might be seem like an easy solution, over time these will struggle to keep staff engaged.

An alternative might be to invest in business management software which separates your company strategy in a communication channel of its own. This gives you much greater control over how your company communicates strategy with employees.

A highly visual strategy software programme will also help with this, as people will engage with images more than they would with a lot of text or data. Introducing these pictorial elements can appeal to recipients of internal messages.

It is also important to personalise the direction of your company strategy. Getting the right appeal for the different audiences which your strategy needs to address is essential for an effective project. Harassing employees with updates which might not be relevant to their specific work can have a negative effect on their engagement and leave them disillusioned with your strategy.

Getting past communications fatigue is essential for any company strategy to be effective. Once you have the right tools, this process can also become a lot easier and more engaging for your staff.