How does strategy mapping work?


If you play a major role in setting your organisation’s strategy, you will most likely have heard that strategy mapping is the future of strategic planning.

Although a new, exciting and very much viable technique, many business owners may not yet have a full grasp on exactly how it works. This could be down to the fact that it involves the use of high-level business management software.

StrategyBlocks is one cloud-based software that makes it a whole lot easier, though – so what are the nuts and bolts behind this strategy solution?

It’s all in the Blocks

‘Blocks’ are the fundamental components of StrategyBlocks, allowing you to translate your overall strategy into smaller, easier-to-process units that can be accessed by anyone across the company.

It’s no use having a written strategy document no one bothers to read – strategic planning is certainly one area where a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Bring your strategy to life by breaking it down into visual blocks that embody the individual tactics, objectives and tasks that need to be fulfilled to reach your goals.

Drilling into the core and beyond

Anyone involved in strategic planning will be aware that it’s crucial to look at the bigger picture while focusing on the finer details at the same time.

It can often be a tricky juggling act, but business strategy software can turn it into a breeze.

StrategyBlocks, for instance, allows you to tie similar blocks into focus areas for easier management – this is visually represented in the software’s highly graphical format so you can process it quickly and efficiently.

The software also lets you use your core strategies to shape your focus areas and point them in the right direction towards your goals.

Visual mapping makes delegation easier

Effective strategic planning requires you to get everyone on board, and there is no easier way to do this than through strategy mapping.

With blocks, levels and focus areas at your disposal, you can ensure each individual in your organisation knows exactly what is required of them.