Getting rid of SPOTS


Is your business suffering from a case of SPOTS?

Strategic Plan on Top Shelf syndrome – or SPOTS for short – is a common phenomenon among businesses that can act as a real hindrance to development and growth.

Many business leaders have the tendency to concentrate valuable time and resources into crafting the perfect strategic plan – only to leave it high on the top shelf, forgotten and resigned to collecting dust.

In reality, formulating a strategic plan is only half the job. Without a detailed strategy execution procedure in place to bring it to life, your efforts are largely wasted.

One of the main reasons why strategic plans develop into SPOTS and fail to take off is the lack of clear organisation-wide communication.

Without a system in place to alert everyone in your organisation of your strategic direction and the specific tasks involved in implementing your plan, it’s almost impossible to get it off the ground.

For example, different individuals in your organisation are responsible for executing different tasks and stages in your plan. You need a system in place so everyone knows what needs to be done, by who and when.

If you feel like your business could do with some help in getting rid of SPOTS, investing in a comprehensive strategy planning software could be the way to go.

StrategyBlocks offers a strategic management solution that can help your business, regardless of how large or small it is, bring its plans to fruition.

By deconstructing your overarching strategy into easily digestible units across the organisation, you can ensure that each and every employee in your business is aware of its goals and vision – and the tactics required to achieve them.