Gartner: Cloud computing to dominate IT spending

Global technology research firm Gartner has predicted that the majority of businesses’ IT spending in the future will be dedicated to cloud computing solutions.

This is largely due to the fact that more and more businesses are latching onto the operational advantages offered by cloud systems. Most importantly, cloud computing offers a way for “scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities” to be delivered over the internet, Gartner said.

As a result, companies spanning a range of industries are no longer restrained by issues such as licensing posed by traditional software and hardware.

Such is the rapid growth of cloud computing that Ed Anderson, research director at Gartner, expects that it won’t be long before spending on cloud services surpasses that of IT investment overall.

“Cloud computing continues to grow at rates much higher than IT spending generally,” he said in an October 24 media release.

“Growth in cloud services is being driven by new IT computing scenarios being deployed using cloud models, as well as the migration of traditional IT services to cloud service alternatives.”

The most adept businesses today are taking numerous aspects of their business to the cloud as they explore the numerous cost-efficiency and mobility benefits offered.

One area of your business in which you can adopt cloud software is strategic planning.

For a strategic plan to succeed, it has to be communicated and accessible to everyone in the organisation – and what better way to facilitate this than by implementing cloud-based strategy planning software?

StrategyBlocks, for example, boasts a powerful strategy mapping function to keep everyone on the same page, right from the initial design of the strategy through to its execution.

By keeping tabs on the strategy’s progress and each individual’s role in it, such software can bring your strategy to life without any hitches.