Five new StrategyBlocks features for scorecarding and usability

Read more about some of the new innovative ideas we have implemented in the latest version of our strategic management software.

1. Google Spreadsheets Integration

Now it is possible to automatically synchronize data contained in a Google Spreadsheet with an output KPI in StrategyBlocks. Get started by downloading the StrategyBlocks KPI Upload App from the Google Script Gallery.

Select your actuals, targets and comments from either row(s) or column(s), from 1 spreadsheet or multiple sheets and upload to the destination KPI.

For more assistance check out the online guide

Script gallery

Sheet upload settings

2. KPI Data Export

In addition to the StrategyBlocks scorecard report, it may also be useful to export KPI data for the purposes of customized formatting and reporting outside of StrategyBlocks. The are a couple of output and formatting options: KPI data can be exported as a CSV either as flat file, grouped by focus area, or have the data aggregated into annual values.

Download outputs

3. Additional block KPI data

We have expanded the Outputs block type with the status color and trend arrow, as well as the most recent Actual value. The latest value will be color coded based on the current KPI status.

Additional block KPI data

4. Greater control of calculated KPI’s

Calculated KPI’s are a powerful way of allowing users to create their own ratios and new KPI’s. This feature has been extended further to enable the user to control which values are included in the calculation. Either the calculation can be applied to actuals or targets only, or the actuals and targets together.


5. Block double-click

In addition to the block quick edit (pencil icon on the bottom right of a selected block). Now you can simply double-click the selected block to set the block into in-place edit mode. Double click the block, and update the on screen block attributes and save.