Employees no longer desk-bound


In the last few years, employees have moved beyond the confines of their desks and begun taking their work mobile.

The findings come from the 2014 Employee Communications Satisfaction Survey, published by theCOMMSapp. The study tracked the mobile usage of 325 US-based workers to determine how pervasive mobile technology is in their workplaces.

Among those surveyed, 98 per cent possess a mobile device. Of these, 42 per cent were supplied with their devices by company management.

While the majority of surveyed employees are buying their own mobile technology, many are using them for work activities. Sixty six per cent of those who bought their own devices still use them for work purposes. This suggests that employees are choosing to move into mobile computing to streamline their work, even if their devices have not been supplied by their employer.

As employees move onto mobile technology, the scope for working away from office desks has also increased. When asked if they spent more than 75 per cent of their time behind a desk, only slightly more than half (53 per cent) agreed with the statement.

The other half reported spending a big chunk of their time away from the office and without access to a desktop computer. This covered activity like travel as well as engaging in company field work.

This trend is only going to become more pronounced as mobile technology evolves. The digital research company Telsyte has forecast that smartphone penetration will overtake personal computers this year and tablet devices will not be far behind, according to a recent article in The Australian.

With employees becoming increasingly mobile, it is more important than ever to choose business software which can be accessed anywhere and from any device. Investing in cloud-based business strategy software, for example, can make it a lot easier for your employees to collaborate on a single corporate strategy from any device and any location.