Connections with strategy leads to greater employee engagement


When it comes to implementing a company strategy, there are a number of different benefits that your company might enjoy. Well-formulated and executed strategy can give your organisation a strong sense of direction, while also offering a comparative advantage over your competition.

However, there is one aspect of good strategy which is often overlooked – employee engagement.

An effectively planned strategy which is accompanied by good communication channels is in fact a crucial ingredient for creating an engaged work force. This support can get your staff more engaged with the work they are undertaking.

A study from the Corporate Leadership Council proves this point. The organisation’s study found that, of 25 ingredients for employee engagement, a connection between employees’ work and organisational strategy was the most effective.

This means that your staff members will be more engaged with their work when they can see the company strategy and understand how their work fits into these goals.

To achieve this engagement, many companies are turning to strategy management software like StrategyBlocks. Solutions such as this can give firms an easy and highly visible way to engage staff with corporate goals, regardless of their level within the company.

Other high-ranking factors for employee engagement were the importance of their work for the overall company and an understanding of how to complete work projects. These factors are highly sought after by staff, taking out the second and third places respectively.

Other aspects measured by the survey were less successful at inspiring employees. In particular, management characteristics ranked well behind points related to strategy.

These trends suggest that company strategy actually outpaces the influence of management when it comes to creating an engaged and motivated workforce.

While this might seem like a nice bonus from a good strategy, engaging with your employees is also crucial for running a successful enterprise. The study found that the most committed employees perform 20 per cent better than their counterparts and are 87 per cent less likely to leave a company.

With so much at stake, it is important to keep your company strategy as visible as possible in order to keep staff engaged with your goals.