Demand For Professional Cloud Solutions Set For Further Growth


As businesses around the world seek improvements in operational agility and flexibility, cloud computing is increasingly being seen as a go-to solution.

According to a new report, the global market for professional cloud services is set to grow from its already substantial value of NZD$20.3 billion to approximately NZD$35.8 billion by 2018.

Just four years ago, this market was worth NZD$6 billion.

Research and consulting group Technology Business Research (TBR) recently published its Cloud Professional Services Customer Report, which suggested that shifting business needs will push more organizations to adopt cloud solutions. As a result, more than three quarters of enterprises in North America, Europe and Asia are currently “purchasing or considering purchasing” services that will enable them to make the most of the cloud.

This proportion is a significant increase from the 59 per cent recorded in 2011, according to TBR.

TBR Analyst Cassandra Mooshian also pointed out that the Asia Pacific region is set to be one of the hotspots in the growth of demand for cloud services.

“Emerging markets require the assistance of cloud professional services to maximize the benefits of cloud technologies due to their inability to maintain cloud services on their own,” she noted in a February 25 media release.

“The report indicates budgets for cloud professional services are highest in APAC.”

The increasing demand for cloud services is undoubtedly a reflection of how more businesses around the world are exploring the numerous benefits of cloud-based solutions. As developments continue on such solutions, user-friendliness is likely to be a key area for providers to work on.

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