How can your business best manage a modern workforce?


Behind every great organization is a team of hard-working and engaged  employees contributing their efforts and energy into executing a business-wide strategy. However, in today’s ultra-competitive environment with greater demands from staff, this can be a challenge to achieve.

As we continue to discover new methods of managing the workforce, the very cause of disruption can be turned into an opportunity to get even more out of your staff.

Organizations facing workplace disruption

According to a recent release from Bersin by Deloitte, workplaces must engage their employees in order to attract and retain the right talent. New methods of talent management are growing rapidly and businesses must find the best program that works for their unique circumstances.

Josh Bersin, principal of Bersin by Deloitte, explained the factors that are having an effect on businesses and their employees.

“New digital technologies, increased transparency in employment brand and work practices, and the need to compete vigorously for talent are all disrupting the workplace,” he said.

“In this environment, effective HR teams are starting to practice ‘design thinking’ – studying the behavior of employees and designing solutions to fit their work lives.”

Managers must look more deeply into employee processes, utilizing analytics and technologies such as mobile and data streams.

From Structure to Platform 

According to a recent article from McKinsey & Company, the key to organizational success in workforce planning is to utilize the idea of multi-layered platforms. These incorporate many strategic tools and technologies to build a collaborative structure that is agile and responsive.

Taking a scientific approach to monitoring and managing staff will also ensure that these tools can be used effectively. As the workforce becomes more digitalized, data-driven planning is the key to making better decisions and find individualized solutions to any barriers to productivity.