Back to basics: Is big data interrupting simple business intelligence practices?


Applying business intelligence to big data has long been a critical issue. However, has the rise of complex information taken the focus away from getting the basics right?

Well, according to research from Dell, the answer would appear to be yes.

Business intelligence and big data

Out of 300 database administrators managing critical corporate data, 75 per cent explained that the majority of the information they govern is from traditional, linear sources, according to Dell’s survey.

In simple terms, the same traditional type of data that has long formed the backbone of any enterprise business intelligence and consequent strategic planning.

While there’s been widespread interest from the enterprise world in handling big data, organizations need to ensure that they’re getting the basic practices right.

Companies looking to reinforce their information management efforts should ensure that they have an eye on all the applicable data sources, as many are reaching a precipice that could see big data put on a pedestal.

Not just big data

“Dell’s survey shows once again that successful information management is not just about managing big data or small data, but about managing all data – regardless of its size, type or location,” explained John Whittaker, executive director of product marketing, information management, Dell Software in an April 15 media release.

Therefore, those that have robust data management plans in place will be best positioned to not only better understand their information, but will also have more luck in tangibly using it in business decisions.

“Organizations that focus on managing, integrating and analyzing all of their data will be the ones best positioned to benefit from the opportunity afforded by the modern data economy,” continued Mr Whittaker.

Business intelligence will remain crucial in the enterprise world, but those that see the bigger picture – rather than focus on one facet such as big data – will get ahead of their rivals and stay there.