Avoiding micromanagement in strategic planning


In the attempt to make sure each organizational procedure is performed to perfection, many business leaders fall into the dreaded trap of micromanagement.

While it can be the unintentional result of dedication and commitment to their organization, micromanagers can come across as obsessive and distrusting – traits they certainly won’t want to exude to their employees. Poring over each individual task an employee is assigned to only indicates to them their leader doesn’t believe in their ability to do the job.

The implications of chronic micromanagement can be devastating. Employee morale and engagement can suffer, and resentments brewing under the surface are never conducive to a happy, healthy work environment.

That said, it is still important to monitor your employees’ work from a distance. This is especially critical for key processes such as strategic planning, the results of which can determine the future success of your business.

The key to the successful tracking of your strategy’s progress, then, lies in knowing how to strike a balance between empowering your employees to carry out strategic tasks on their own while being able to keep regular track of how they’re performing.

Fortunately, cloud-based strategy mapping software such as StrategyBlocks allows managers to hit this often tricky balance. With visual mapping and dashboard features, managers and executives can gain a holistic picture of the strategy and see how it is progressing without prying into the business of individual employees.

The unique ‘block’ structure of StrategyBlocks allows managers to effectively delegate strategic objectives and tasks to the employees responsible for them. These employees are then free to carry out their duties, with higher-ups observing proceedings from a distance and only stepping in when something is out of line.

Take your first step to successful strategic macromanagement today by investing in the right business strategy software.