5 tips for boosting strategy execution


Forming an innovative strategy may help your business to establish its position in the market, but only continued effective execution will maintain success.

The problem with many strategies is that they often fall by the wayside as employees become disengaged, messages get muddled and a lack of adequate performance measurement stalls progress.

Here are five tips to ensure your strategy execution maintains momentum over the long term.

1/ Remember strategic execution is a process

The implementation of a strategy is not just a one-off event; you must continue to make adjustments and monitor the results to ensure it remains on track.

2/ Carefully select strategy management team

The success or failure of a business strategy often depends on the strategic planning team, so make sure to carefully select those who will provide positive input.

A mixture of leadership styles can work, but try to avoid too many big personalities competing on a project.

3/ Involve employees

Employees should be involved in the strategic planning process, enabling them to provide feedback and suggestions. Including staff will facilitate the rolling out of new strategies and ensure people remain engaged over the long term.

4/ Communicate the strategy clearly

It is vital that everyone is aware of the objectives and expectations associated with a business strategy, all the way from senior executives through middle management to employees on the ground.

Any confusion could result in months of hard work going to waste if staff do not understand or agree with the company direction.

5/ Consider investing in business strategy software

Business strategy software can help facilitate a number of the steps outlined above by providing a clear, concise and highly visual representation of your aims.

Not only will all members of staff have access, the real-time nature of strategy software prevents initiatives becoming out-dated or forgotten.