4 things your strategic vision needs


No organisation can hope to survive without having a clear strategic vision.

Your company’s vision works as the blueprint that will guide it into the future, so you need to make sure it is as strong as it can be. Here are four things your vision absolutely needs to cover.

1. A clear path for the future

A strategic vision is about leading your business into the future, not looking back to where it once was.

Look beyond how your company is doing today and focus on where it wants to be in the future. For example, how much of the market does it want to capture and where do you want it to be positioned in people’s minds?

Be specific too, especially in terms of timeframe. Where do you see your company in two years? How about three, or five?

2. The ability to inspire and motivate

A company’s vision should also act as a tool to motivate your staff to help it reach its goals.

You should make sure your vision sets high goals and paints a clear picture of where it will stand in the future. It should empower the people in your organisation by outlining their role in the business and the part they can play in helping it grow.

3. Grounding in reality

That said, your vision should not be lofty beyond your organisation’s means and should maintain a sense of realism.

Ensure the goals you set out for your company are realistic and able to be met while still providing a challenge to your organisation.

4. Inclusion of everyone

A vision is unlikely to resonate with your staff if they do not have the opportunity to provide input.

Everyone in the organisation should have a say in its vision and direction, and business strategy software can help you break down the barriers to get everyone involved.