4 steps to communicating your strategic vision


Having a good vision is the first step in strategic planning – but how do you communicate this across your organisation?

It can be difficult to get your employees excited and motivated about your strategy if they aren’t clear about what the underlying vision is. Only when all the relevant people in your organisation are informed about it can you hope to make your strategy a success.

Here are four ways you can successfully communicate your vision to your staff.

1. Encourage interaction and feedback

Facilitating a two-way flow of communication is the best way to get your employees on board with the strategy and its vision.

It’s not enough to ensure your employees are simply aware of what the vision is. Solicit feedback and ask for their opinions on where it should be headed.

2. Use visuals

There are much more effective ways than just verbally transmitting a strategy or providing your staff with a bland written document.

Make the most of visual communication channels to bring your strategy’s vision to life. Strategy mapping software, for example, clearly divides your strategy into blocks so everyone knows the various components that make it up.

3. Get them engaged

Once you’ve brought the strategy to life with visuals, it’s time to get your employees engaged with it!

Business strategy software such as StrategyBlocks allows you to split the plan into different parts – by department, for instance – for easier delegation of the tasks that need to be completed, while keeping the wider vision in mind.

4. Do it often

Strategy execution isn’t the last step in strategic planning.

Make sure you make strategic communication a regular part of your agenda – constantly reminding your staff about the vision to help them stay on track.