4 benefits of strategy mapping

One of the most crucial items you need when setting out on a journey is a detailed map that shows where your destination is, and how you can get there.

Likewise, in the journey of strategically developing and growing your business, you can’t expect to reach your goals without a clear visual map outlining where you’re headed and the steps you’ll need to take. Any strategic planning exercise must rely on the extensive use of mapping to clearly communicate the strategy across the organisation.

What benefits can be gained by visualising and mapping a business strategy?

1. Access multiple levels

A strategic map allows you to assess your organisation’s overall performance at a glance, while also giving you the ability to dig deeper into individual components of the strategy when required.

This lets you identify the short-term tactics and objectives that must be carried out to service the long-term aspirations outlined by the strategy.

2. Delegate tasks more efficiently

A strategy map identifies the disparate tasks that must be performed to realise the strategy, making it easier to break down and analyse.

StrategyBlocks business strategy software, for instance, uses ‘Blocks’ as the building units of the strategy to clearly determine which tasks need to be carried out by whom.

3. Greater organisational involvement

By basing your strategic mapping on a cloud platform such as StrategyBlocks, you can bring the whole organisation together to contribute in the process.

Strategic progress is easily communicated to every individual via the mapping system, clearly identifying each person’s role and place within the strategy.

4. Better risk management

The holistic view of the strategy facilitated by mapping allows you to quickly spot where deficiencies and weakness lie, and come up with appropriate solutions.

If an individual component of your strategy is not delivering the results it needs to, red flags can be raised on the dashboard to bring it to management’s attention.