3 ways to track strategic progress


While company strategies can be difficult enough to develop in the first place, it is equally important that they are implemented properly. After all, strategy that isn’t implemented properly isn’t going to bring any benefit to a company, no matter how well-developed the initial project is.

So, how can companies and senior executives monitor the implementation of their initiatives and ensure they get over the line? Here are three ways to achieve greater success in implementing corporate strategy.

Undertake regular reviews

Quarterly and annual reviews of company initiatives are going to be essential for ensuring that companies are successful in implementing corporate strategy. Without these structured, regular reviews, it will be difficult for firms to understand the big picture of their corporate development.

Invest in supporting technology

While regular reviews are essential for every business, these days a quarterly review may be too infrequent to catch any issues that arise around implementation.

Fortunately, there are a range of technology products that can be used to track strategy implementation in real time, giving a much more detailed overview of the trends that are occurring within a company.

Technology like StrategyBlocks is one option for addressing these challenges. Using a highly visual interface, company executives can easily receive a highly visual representation of how their corporate strategies are developing.

Keep it personal

Tracking the development of strategy can be incredibly useful, but it should also be backed up by conversations and meetings with middle management and senior staff. Taking a hands-on approach to strategy management will help to ensure that any problems can be identified promptly before they become serious obstacles to company growth.

Combining meetings with key stakeholders with business strategy software and regular, high-level reviews can ensure that your company has the best possible chance of executing new projects effectively.