3 signs of a solid business strategy


There is one key element that the world’s top organisations all possess – their success is founded on a great business strategy.

Effective strategic planning is a must-have for any business that wants to thrive in a competitive marketplace. There are good plans as well as bad plans, however, so what are some signs that your own strategy is in the former camp?

1. Input from across the board

Contrary to popular belief in some parts of the corporate arena, strategies are best executed when they aren’t restricted to just those at the top of the organisation.

There is a very clear need for all relevant individuals in a company to provide valuable input to the strategy. Even the top executives simply don’t have a handle on all the finer details in each department – that’s why representatives from across the organisation need to chip in to the strategy.

Using strategy software such as StrategyBlocks is a great way to make your strategic planning transparent so everyone can take an active role in it.

2. Flexible, mobile – and long term

Many businesses fall into the trap of creating what can at first glance seem like a great strategy – but opting to stick with it and leave it be. This can arise either out of the fear of risk or simply because they are not thinking ahead.

A good strategy is not simply a once-off document but rather a process that has to move and change with the times. Your strategy should anticipate where your business will be in the years to come, and be flexible enough to accommodate any shifts along the way.

3. Clear goals and expectations

The best strategies have a clearly defined purpose and set out goals that are neither too brief nor too complicated.

Through the use of business strategy software, your organisation can define the objectives it needs to meet and delegate tasks efficiently to the correct teams.