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Whenever you visit a new website it is inevitable there may be some things that don’t get your attention based purely on the way you navigate the website or the way you search for content on the internet. Below are some of the pages I think could be of interest to you and could possibly help you decide if StrategyBlocks is the right product for your strategic execution.

Getting started (aka an introduction to StrategyBlocks):

Our goal is to get you up and running with our strategy software as quickly as possible here are just a few of the ways we hope will get you excited about the whole strategic management and planning process as we are:

  1. Start a free 30 day trial
  2. Watch a 2 minute video presentation
  3. View actual screenshots taken from the product
  4. Learn more about some of the strategy mapping terminology used within StrategyBlocks.

We’re a full featured strategy software platform

We’ve added a complete list of functionality and features of StrategyBlocks to make it easier for you to discover if StrategyBlocks is the right product for your business and it does all the things you need from your strategic management software. The list of features will grow as we continue to improve and enhance the capabilities of StrategyBlocks. Here are some of our most popular strategic management features:

Improved strategic management software support

We appreciate it can be frustrating whenever you run into problems. You’re trying to find answers and solutions as quickly as possible so you can get you back to what you are working on a are up and running as painlessly as possible. Here are a number of ways you can find solutions or let us know when you experience any issues:

  1. Read the user guides to get familiar with the product
  2. Give feedback on how you are finding StrategyBlocks and suggest areas we can improve
  3. Follow us on twitter to get outage updates
  4. Send us an email
  5. Fill out a support request.

We’re social, connect with us!

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