Is Your Strategic Plan Due for a Checkup?


How often do you review the health of your strategic plan? If you’re like many, then you probably don’t spend as much as time as you should. After all, it’s easy to get stuck in your day-to-day routine at work. However, the benefits of scheduling regular checkups to evaluate the health of your company’s roadmap can provide you with renewed perspective and unified adherence to overall goals.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is at the heart of a company’s success. A company with a clear vision and detailed steps to the fulfillment of that vision will find itself more driven in purpose and effective in messaging and movement. The mark of a sound strategic plan is one in which the distribution of responsibilities between divisions and units is both manageable and straightforward. This allows a company to remain a united front when enterprise-wide initiatives are brought forth.

While every new endeavor comes with risk, when we agree on objectives and feel the value of individual tactics, uncertainty and hesitation can be tamed and replaced with determination and unity. The creation and follow-through of a strategic plan cannot be stressed enough. You and your employees will be grateful for the clarity and unanimity that come from this clear vision and its associated priorities.

Corporate Health

Every six months or so, we make it a priority to visit a dentist. We also ensure a visit to the doctor for a physical exam that takes place once a year. During these visits, physicians take inventory of possible symptoms and our overall health. The goal is to identify issues and target them before they become  problematic, or prevent them all together. The time and money we invest in our healthcare may feel daunting, yet we do it. Why?

The answer is simple: we want to improve or maintain our quality of life. So, how does this behavior translate into the world of business? Likely, the answer falls within the same parameters. We want our business to thrive and improve in quality, delivery and execution. Imagine the changes within an organization if we made time to schedule an annual or semi-annual checkup to measure recent growth and reevaluate accordingly.

Reassessing your company’s health is not only beneficial, it is necessary to remain viable in an ever-changing marketplace. Assuming the role of doctor  to your company’s strategic plan will allow for in-depth risk management, effective strategic management and allow you to make positive adjustments that lead to success.


Let StrategyBlocks boost your company’s health – get in touch for a checkup.