Hey, Why Don’t We NOT Reinvent The Wheel Again?!

Similar to other business units within the organization, here within the Marketing and Communications team, we find there is always some repetition. Whether it’s arranging the logistics for an event, running a campaign or creating beautiful infographics, many fundamental things may begin the same each time.

I will always be a die-hard fan of meticulous storage of email, and I can track the history and remind myself of a lot of things within my mailbox. But the time saving and magic begins when I pop into StrategyBlocks and take a look at my Blocks Library.

StrategyBlocks Blocks Library archive

StrategyBlocks provides a library function that acts as a store or archive of past and future strategic activities. The library holds blocks and families of blocks and retains any milestone step definitions associated with those blocks. Library items retain the text field contents (titles, descriptions, etc) and the proportional duration of each independent block. In future there is no need to recreate what worked well (or didn’t work well) in the past, with a quick import action.

A library export can also be created at any level within our overall enterprise strategic plan. Any initiative that has achieved 100% completion is stored in the library for future use. The library is searchable, so I can go through the past library objects to look for families of blocks that can be reused.

If I’m short on time but wish to record an idea for the future when there’s less contention for key resources or current projects are completed, I can create family blocks that describe the hierarchy of the project, a departmental plan or just a single standalone strategic activity.

Aside from the time I save recreating tasks to complete, the past shows so much about the future. When asked how long it will take to execute a campaign, I can get a fair idea just by jumping into my blocks library.  Scoping the duration of an initiative most accurately and being quick to respond is a big win for time management and productivity.

If you have StrategyBlocks within your organization, I highly recommend utilizing the library feature. You may also take a look at this in a free 30 day trial.

Our support team would also be happy to show around this feature if you reach out to them at help@strategyblocks.com.