Gartner Predicts “Every Company Will Become A Technology Company”


It’s no secret that technology is rapidly changing the business world, with organizations of all size and scope turning towards the latest IT solutions in order to improve productivity and efficiency.

As an example, one need only look at how business strategy software is making strategy planning and execution far easier, effective and more affordable than ever before.

The changing nature of business in the wake of technological advancement was one of the major talking points at the recent 2013 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando.

According to Gartner, the next few years will see the continued emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’ – an interconnected network in which an extensive range of non-trivial objects will become intelligent and capable of communication through the web.

Gartner has encouraged businesses, and chief information officers in particular, to prepare for the arrival of the Internet of Things, and be aware of the wide range of opportunities that the growth of technology will provide.

“[The Internet of Things is] the source you mine for new business models and business moments. It’s the raw material from which you construct new products and services. It’s the evidence that enables you to visualize and optimize business processes,” explained Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Nick Jones.

“You won’t have the time or capacity to make all the decisions yourself. Computers can make sophisticated decisions based on data and knowledge, and they can communicate those decisions in our native language. To succeed at the pace of a digital world, you’ll have to allow them to do so.”

As a result of this shift, Gartner has made the bold prediction that “every company will become a technology company” in the near future, as technology enables a range of businesses to optimize processes and generate new business models.

Companies in New Zealand looking to fully engage with the opportunities that the business technologies of tomorrow will bring may want to start looking closely at their existing and future organizational strategies.