4 Ways To Communicate Better With Your Employees


Successfully running a business relies a great deal on effective communication across the organization.

A clear, reliable flow of information between employees and across different levels of the organization will ensure it can move forward to where it needs to be. This is especially true when your business is undergoing an intensive project such as a strategy execution.

What are four ways you can ensure everyone in your organization is communicating right?

1. Make it two-way

One of the most critical communication mistakes business leaders make is to only send out their message without allowing for feedback.

It doesn’t make sense to bark out orders and not listen the concerns of your employees. Make sure you always maintain a two-way line of communication so everyone is kept on the same page.

2. Know your purpose

Everything you say to your employees should have a clear and defined purpose – if it’s not going to be of any benefit to the organization, there’s no need to waste others’ time.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of what message you want to convey and what you want it to achieve before you send it out.

3. Speak their language

Many higher-level managers seem to forget that employees may not always be up to speed with their specific terminology and jargon.

When communicating to your employees, make sure you express ideas in a manner they are comfortable with to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding.

4. Get everyone involved

For any large scale project that requires input from across the board, getting everyone involved is essential.

It can be difficult to reach out to everyone at once, but fortunately there are a number of software tools that can help you out. Strategy mapping software, for example, is a highly visual solution based on the cloud that can bring your entire organization together to collaborate.