The Skills Every Project Manager Needs for Successful Strategy


The role of project manager is critical. This pivotal position can be the difference between successful projects that come in on time and within budget, or complete failure. Whether or not you are a dedicated project manager, there are still opportunities within most organizations to lead a project. Leadership is certainly a key skill in defining and prioritizing projects, but there other attributes which can directly impact project management and help keep your organization’s initiatives within the scope of a well-defined strategy.


It’s simple: listen to your employees. A “you’re the boss” mentality should not get in the way of collaboration. Managers spend 90 percent of their time communicating. It’s unavoidable and essential that project managers correctly convey the vision and goal of every task. Without this, there is no way to ensure that every block of the strategy is managed in a way that completely supports the company’s strategic goals.

Personal Organization

You cannot expect your team to stay organized if you fail in this department as well. Organizational skills flow down within a company. As such there is a time, a place, and a reason for every task. No project manager can devote a chunk of time 100 percent to a single task. They know they must keep all of the balls in the air, and always on their mind, to maintain momentum. Organization helps all members of the team be better multi-taskers. Each project fits together like puzzle pieces to show the bigger picture: success.


As with personal organization, the skill of being detail-oriented prevents things falling through the cracks. Missed deadlines and instructions can send any project into crisis mode.  Project managers need to be conscientious of every detail of every project and the impact each of those details can have on success. Details can be the fine line between a well managed and executed project, or a project doomed to fail.

The idea of picking the right projects for the organization to ensure optimal return is easier said than done. Many companies overlook the importance of fitting projects and strategy together. With the right attributes and skills however, project management is easier aligned to the organization’s strategic initiatives. At StrategyBlocks we encourage the entire organization, from CEO to project manager and beyond, to visually see their strategic plan and the projects necessary to put it into action. Inquire about a demo today to see how StrategyBlocks can help you manage projects to a successful outcome.