How To Bring the ‘Sexy Back’ to Your Strategy


In a recent article with M&M Global, we discussed Justin Timberlake and what he brings to the table in terms of strategy.  As a former Star Search contestant, ex-alum of the Mickey Mouse Club, boy band phenom, and singing and movie star sensation his long-term success certainly shows he knows how to bring ‘sexy back” time and time again. And, no we are not speaking of “sexy” in the physical sense, but his uncanny ability to strategize.

The word strategy is probably not in your repertoire of words you associate with sexy. However, strategy executed in a dynamic way can create a whole new level of success, and that certainly is “sexy.”

So what can businesses learn about marketing and strategy from Timberlake? Let’s take a look.


Target The Right Audience

Timberlake is what showbiz likes to call a “triple threat.” He started developing his skills at a young age from singing, to dancing, to acting, and then strategically marketed those talents to the right audience. He had a clear vision of what he had to market and of his audience. Here are a couple of tips businesses can take away from his strategy:

  • Develop a strategy with a clear vision statement that defines both your long term and short term goals. A vision statement will help keep your company dynamically on track to achieve success over both the long and short term.
  • Make content marketing part of your strategy, and before going to market understand who you are as a brand, what differentiates your product from competitors, and know the audience you’re targeting.


Collaboration Matters

Timberlake has strategically worked with big names like Timberland, Jimmy Fallon, and more throughout his career. His ability to communicate and collaborate has led to a good portion of his success. In addition, his collaborations have added “star power” to his creative projects. How can your business do the same?

  • Develop strategic partnerships that help build your business and brand. Do not be afraid to collaborate.
  • Develop new ideas and create products and marketing campaigns that are unique and different from those of the past – learn to think outside the box.


Create An Experience

Justin Timberlake launched one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the days leading up to his 20/20 Experience album release. He used social media to directly market to consumers and make them feel a part of his journey and brand in an entirely new way. Here are two takeaways businesses can remember:

  • Personalize your marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to use old marketing avenues in an entirely new way, and apply new ways of thinking.
  • Create hype, and ground it in timeliness. What worked for Timberlake was his strategy to build hype around an album release. Certainly, with his star power, he could have delivered personal experiences to his fans at any time. But he chose to ground it in the timely release of an album, making it feel more immediate and urgent. Any business can create buzz by emphasizing the timeliness of the opportunity.

Justin Timberlake’s success is understandably enviable, but with the right strategy any business can gain the attention of their target market and become marketing superstars.

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