Block menu navigation

action buttons

When a block is selected, a row of action buttons displays.

The table below shows what each button is for.

ButtonWhat it does
add childAdd a child block (or manage existing children for this block)
back arrowMove block to the left of the block tree
fwd arrowMove block to the right of the block tree
commentsAdd a comment / view comments that have already been made
cogTakes you to the Overview page for this block, where you can access full menu of options. (Manage, Progress, Relocate, Delete, etc)
rateRate – performed by the manager, once the block has been completed

Edit – allows you to quick edit the following details:

  • Title
  • Description
  • owner,
  • focus area
  • start/end dates

Each block has a number of menu options available, described in the steps below.

edit block cog pen

1. Click the cog.

2. The Overview screen for the selected block displays.

block options long shot

block options left

3. As shown above, access the block’s menu options on the left hand menu.

4. The list below shows each screen, and what you can use it for.

  • Overview – a quick view of the block and its details

  • Details – edit the key details of the block, such as title, description, start and end dates.

  • Manage – add, view and edit child blocks of the selected blocks.

  • Progress – update the progress (if the block is a leaf)

  • Metrics – add and edit metrics

  • People – view and add people watching this block

  • Comments – view and add comments related to this block

  • Documents – view or attach files and links which support this strategy. (For example, governance, budgetary approvals, meeting minutes, etc…)

  • Groups – view and apply security groups to this block to restrict who can see it.

  • Relocate – move the block to a new parent

  • Delete – permanently delete the selected block and all its children.